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Kimberly Frimel


Kimberly Frimel is a South Florida based freelance illustrator, graphic & fine artist. With having attended both the Cleveland Institute of Art  and Cleveland State University respectively, she holds a B. A. in Drawing as well as studies in CG Animation and Video production.

While Kimberly works freelance, her main focus and passion is development in the world of Expressionistic painting.

Her most current pieces explore basic human emotions and expressive characteristics of the human form.  Strikingly simple, yet bold, the dramatic contrasts between tones of black, white and grey, bring the emotions to life.

my work

the development of my pieces walk hand in hand with the spiritually conscious energy of the subject matter. my pieces have the power to take the audience on an intense, sometimes emotional viewing experience.

 “As artists, we open ourselves to feel, conduct and then create what we ingest mentally and spiritually. My goal is to honor what I feel and convey to the audience to the best of my ability, the same visual and emotional experiences”.

recent shows


GROUP EXHIBIT- Ilan PopArt Gallery, Fort Lauderdale, FL


DISRUPTED - Virtual Gallery show Curated by Sergio Gomez and supported by the WO Foundation, Madrid Spain



ART BASEL - Miami Live Painting @ CHICA December 3rd 



Coping Behind the Mask, Studio 18 Pembroke Pines, FL


2nd Annual Artists ShowcaseThe Box Gallery, West Palm Beach, FL


The Holy Art Gallery, London UK Virtual Online Exhibit

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