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Distressed Series

‘Overwhelming, emotional expression encapsulates my newest series appropriately entitled ‘the Distressed Series’. A small group of pieces that display different forms of human expression at a time of heightened stress.


Creation of this series began at the peak of our national pandemic during the shutdown. For me as a visual artist, I open myself to feel, interpret and then create what I absorb mentally, physically and visually. The result of the emotions I experienced during the pandemic are represented in this Distressed series. 


Expression for me is utilizing a limited color palette then combining it with its contrasting medium and texture. This creates an energetic dance of emotions that affect each individual viewer differently, providing their own personal experience.

I am grateful to have shown pieces of this series at the following events/shows.

  • Brooklyn Bridge, NYC, Sept 2022

    • Experience Art Now​

  • Disrupted, virtual gallery Madrid Spain, Apr 2022

    • WO Foundation, Sergio Gomez Curator​

  • Coping Behind the Mask, Oct 2021

    • Studio 18, Pembroke Pines, FL​

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