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My Native American pieces are rich in SPIRIT and EMOTION. For many years I’ve painted images of powerful men from many different tribes. Having been raised in an area that is very rich in Native history. I have always been drawn and felt close to the culture, beliefs and still today, the ongoing injustices of their people. 


As an artist, we open ourselves to feel, conduct and then create what we ingest mentally. Many times while painting I will experience what I believe to be energies of my subjects. While working on many of these paintings, their EMOTIONS and SPIRIT come through and guide me. 


I believe there are many messages from the other world that need to be heard and acknowledged. I pray that I honor those intentions and successfully convey them to you the audience and you feel them as well.

war captain and chief hunter 
of the Pueblo of Nambe, New Mexico
Pueblo native chief of the South West
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